Camp Lisa
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Dog Boarding
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Camp Lisa is a cage free dog boarding alternative. We have been providing quality dog care at our facility since 1992.
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We are located at 1550 Kellogg St, Newcastle, CA 95658

Camp Lisa Features:

Cage Free Dog Boarding:

  • Large 10'x10' indoor rooms
  • Indoor play area, multiple Outdoor play areas
  • Spacious 10' surround patio with a 10' overhang
  • Multiple protected and covered Outdoor play areas for small dogs
  • Over 12,000 square feet of securely fenced and manicured lawn
  • Conveniently located in Newcastle, CA just off Interstate 80 on the way to Tahoe

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We are accepting dogs. Please call 916.824.2132 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a meet and greet. 

Camp Lisa was one of the first to introduce cage-less dog boarding.

 When we started Camp Lisa, at the top of our list was creating a stress-free environment where dogs could feel right at home. We wanted to cater to the dog’s social nature and desire to be part of the pack while providing them with a safe, supervised environment so we created our award-winning cage free pet boarding facility.

Dogs benefit from their stay at Camp Lisa in ways that may not be initially obvious. As this is a cage-free environment with no separation of the dogs, all of them have to learn to be social, patient, and respectful of the other guests. This environment allows some dogs to greatly improve their communication skills with other dogs, and promotes a dog pack culture.

Dogs are social animals that like to co-exist with other dogs in most cases. They enjoy the interaction in an instinctive way.  What is necessary in this environment is a pack leader for them all to follow. We humans at Camp Lisa are strong pack leaders who provide rules, limitations and direction for all our guests. This environment is very beneficial to our guests as there is no uncertainty about their position in the pack, allowing them to become better members of the pack, balanced and happy.

Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and happy place for your dog to stay time and time again.

What are people saying?

Lisa is fantastic with dogs and creates a caring environment. We have used Camp Lisa many times over many years and have always been pleased. Thanks Lisa!
Paul H.