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Happy Dogs playing together in a safe environment.

We are a medium sized facility; not too big, not too small, but just right! This allows us to personally know each pooch and provide quality care for all of our pet guests and their pet parents.

When you need dog boarding while you’re away, it’s important that you choose a stress-free environment for your pet friend. Dogs miss their parents when they’re away so the best thing you can do for them is to choose a place that reduces their stress and makes them feel just as loved as if they were at home. While you are on vacation your dog will have the opportunity at Camp Lisa to be on vacation too.

Camp Lisa was one of the first to introduce cage-less dog boarding. When Camp Lisa was created, at the top of our list was creating a stress-free environment where dogs could feel right at home. We wanted to cater to the dog’s social nature and desire to be part of the pack while providing them with a safe, supervised environment so we created our award-winning cage free pet boarding facility.

We designed our facility to emulate a home environment so that your pet would feel like he was just going to a friend’s house for the day or the week. No cages during the day or at night. Just a play area where he or she can romp with friends.

Our entire dedication is to the overall health and wellness of each individual guest in our care.

All potential guests are carefully screened. While here, the dogs are not territorial because nothing belongs to them. This is not their backyard, and their owners aren't here for them to protect, so they behave differently than they would at home. Dogs look for leadership, and we provide that at all times. The dogs get along because they aren't struggling for dominance or leadership. We are the leaders.

Camp Lisa is a comprehensive cage-free environment creating a completely social facility.

The dog yards are spacious, secure areas, with 7' solid fencing around ther perimeter, and no outside distractions.

We have over 12,000 square feet of lawn with tons of toys.

There is a 10' roof (with misters in the summer) over the 10' patio for shade and protection from the weather.

The indoor area has radiant floor heating so your dogs will never be cold in the winter and a large fan and swamp cooler so they are never hot in the summer. There are several large luxury dog suites which have dog beds, blankets, and more toys. There is plenty of room in our facility to play indoors if the weather is bad.

We ask our Pet Parents not to bring their dog's beds. We cannot guarantee your dog will sleep on his bed, and we cannot guarantee his new friends won't find it delicious.

Special care and attention are given to older dogs and dogs with special needs.

We are certified in Pet First Aid and CPR.

If you decide not to bring your own dog food or if you forget Camp Lisa will provide a high quality dry dog food for a small fee. An excellent dog food that has human grade ingredients, and is rated one of the top dog foods in the Whole Dog Journal.
The Owner of the Facility Lives On Site. Having an owner on site gives a heightened level of security, oversight, and an unmatched level of care and protection.