Admission Process

Camp Lisa’s open social environment is a safe alternative to the traditional kennel. Prior to enrolling, every dog is evaluated for temperament to ensure a secure and comfortable setting for our guests.

Call or email us to schedule an evaluation appointment.

Compile all necessary vaccination information.

Required - Rabies Vaccine - Booster required every 1 or 3 years

Required - Canine Influenza Vaccine - 2 part Vaccine, 2 weeks apart - Booster required every 1 year 

Required - Bordetella or Kennel Cough Vaccine - Booster required every 6 months or 1 year (We accept the 1 year vaccine)

Required - DHLPP Vaccine - Booster required every 1 or 3 years


Recommended - Leptospirosis Vaccine required every 1 year

*If your dog has had a Titer Test, bring a copy of the test as proof of vaccination.
Important notes: Proof of current vaccinations is REQUIRED for the appointment.
The registration process is not complete without proof of current vaccinations.

ATTENTION CURRENT PET PARENTS:  Please CALL us at 916.824.2132 to request a reservation. Thank you.

NEW PET PARENTS please fill out the Dog Admission Form.