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Cage Free Social Boarding

Dogs having fun and making new friends in a safe place.

Camp Lisa was one of the first to introduce cage-less dog boarding. When we started Camp Lisa, at the top of our list was creating a stress-free environment where dogs could feel right at home. We wanted to cater to the dog’s social nature and desire to be part of the pack while providing them with a safe, supervised environment so we created our award-winning cage free pet boarding facility.

What are the benefits of cage free dog boarding?

Cage free pet boarding will make your pet feel right at home! They can run and romp and make themselves right at home instead of being left in a cage feeling lonely and bored. They’ll be able to roam around and make plenty of two-legged and four-legged friends because there are no bars holding them back.

Additionally, cage free boarding means stress free boarding. Dogs can become stressed when caged, especially if their owners don’t regularly cage them at home. When a dog is used to being free to walk around the house, being caged can make them feel anxious and alone. Confinement to a cage can make your pet feel nervous and unsure of what is going on, especially when away from home. Dogs have a natural desire to investigate their surroundings and their social instincts make them want to be able to be close to other people and pets in the area. Cages don’t allow them the freedom to indulge in their natural instincts and desires.

We designed our facility to emulate a home environment so that your pet would feel like he was just going to a friend’s house for the day or the week. No cages during the day or at night. Just play areas where he or she can romp with friends.

Is Camp Lisa the right fit for your dog?

Our aim, is to ensure that dogs are comfortable, happy, and in an environment that is as fulfilling to dogs as we can reasonably create. That being said, we are not a good fit for all dogs.  Because our environment is very much a social one, dog-wise and human-wise, it is very important that our dog guests innately enjoy being around other dogs, or are at least be comfortable with them.  We can usually work with dogs that are shy or timid around people, as long as they are happy around other dogs.

Aren’t all dogs “social animals” that need to be around other dogs?  Don’t I just need to “socialize” my shy dog?  There isn’t a straight forward answer to these questions.  There are some dogs that, whether nurture or nature, are simply not comfortable around a large group of dogs no matter how much you “socialize” them.  And this is OKAY!  There are far better care options for dogs that fit this description.  However, we have had some dogs that were initially shy and timid with other dogs, but showed early signs of wanting to play and interact with them.  These initially shy dogs, after given a deliberate and controlled play environment with select dogs, learned to LOVE the playful atmosphere here at Camp Lisa.  These dogs just needed to build some confidence.  But, there are just as many “shy” dogs that simply do not blossom in our multi-dog setting.

We cannot take dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs and people for obvious reasons.  The most common type of aggression is known as “reactivity”.  Reactivity is a broad term that refers to dogs that overreact to certain stimuli (e.g., other dogs, UPS truck, new people, etc.).  Many times, reactivity is fear-based, but can also be triggered through high energy play e.g., overreacting to the stimuli of high energy play with another dog). Not all reactivity is a problem at Camp Lisa – while your dog may be reactive at home to the mailman, it may be a non-issue at Camp Lisa.  Another category of dogs that don’t fit well into our environment are the dominant, “bully” types. Not to be mistaken for the high energy one-year-old that plays rough and doesn’t know boundaries, the “bully” actively seeks to assert his/her dominance of other dogs, and becomes aggressive with other dogs that do not “submit”, or might even become aggressive with overly timid dogs (when their prey drive kicks-in). Resource guarding (e.g., food aggression, toy aggression, human guarding, etc.) is yet another category of potential aggression, and may or may not be an issue at Camp Lisa.

Generally, Camp Lisa is likely not a good fit for your dog if:

  • Your dog has bit another person or dog before
  • Has a history of fighting with other dogs
  • Consistently shows aggression towards other dogs (barking while on leash doesn’t necessarily count!)
  • Is very shy with other dogs and has never played with other dogs when given the opportunity

If you aren’t sure whether your dog enjoys or does well with other dogs, or might fit into any of the “aggressive” categories, feel free to reach out to us.  We will first have a phone conversation to learn a little bit about your dog, and can then take the next step, if appropriate, of setting up “meet & greet” / “evaluation”.

A well socialized dog usually does well and we only want the best for your dog(s). Ideally we are looking for a dog that plays well with others and feels comfortable in this open cage-free environment. We group our dogs according to age, size, temperament and activity level, by doing so we are able to find a group that is a good fit for your pet.

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday     8:30 - 5:00

Saturday                 9:00 - 5:00

Sunday                 12:00 - 3:00  STARTING JULY 1ST, 2024 SUNDAY HOURS WILL CHANGE TO:  1:00 PM - 4:00 PM. 


 Rates & Pricing

 Day Boarding:

$50     Full Day

$25     Half Day (4 hours or less)

Overnight Boarding:

$50     per Day (Pet Parent supplies pet food)

$55     per Day (Camp Lisa supplies high quality pet food)

**All medications and supplements are $1.00 for each treatment or dose amount.**

Holiday Boarding:

$60     per Day (Pet Parent supplies pet food)

$65     per Day (Camp Lisa supplies high quality pet food)

Honored Holidays:                                                                                                                                      
President’s Day weekend    **2024 Holiday rates will apply Friday, February 16 to Monday, February 19 **                                         

Easter/Spring Break           **2024 Holiday rates will apply  Friday, March 22 to Sunday, March 31**                            
Memorial Day weekend      **2024 Holiday rates will apply Friday, May 24 to Monday May 27 **                                                                                                       
Independence Day week      **2024 Holiday rates will apply from Friday, June 28 to Sunday, July 7 **   
Labor Day weekend             **2024 Holiday rates will apply from Friday, August 30 to Monday September 2 **                                                
Thanksgiving week              **2024 Holiday rates will apply from Friday, November 22 to Sunday, December 1 **                                     
Winter Break                        **2024 Holiday rates will apply from Friday, December 20 to Wednesday, January 1 ** 

Camp Lisa is closed to the public on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. We will still be taking care of your pets while you are with family and friends.

Mandatory Walks:  All dogs staying 14 days or longer will require one 15 minute walk per week at $25 per walk. Pet parent can add more walks if desired at an additional $25 per walk.